"Master Dayton" might be humorous, (I mean if Ph.Ds are called "Doctors," shouldn't MFAs be called "Masters?") but in all seriousness I have made a living freelance writing and after several years I have tons of information I want to share to help out my fellow writers, regardless of age, experience, goals, situation, or background. This blog isn't pretty-but it will help if real freelance writing information is what you want.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Freelance Writing Resources

Free Freelance Writing Resources

Hey everyone. This is a free freelance writing resources page that offers sign up links, articles, blogs, and other great resources for beginning freelance writers. These are meant to help beginning online freelance writers, and to be a page where you can find a lot of information that hopefully really helps out your freelance writing and/or marketing career.

The blogs and articles are ones that I feel legitimately offers a lot of help for you newbie writers looking to land writing gigs or other freelance writing opportunities. There are sign up links for many of the places online where you can write for money, and if you're looking for some of the best of the best in fields I haven't mastered yet (i.e. Internet Marketing, Adsense, etc.) then you'll find those here, too.

I hope this is helpful, and if anyone knows of some other sites or links that they think readers might find useful, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Until then, enjoy these online freelance writing resources. This page will be updated regularly.

List of Freelance Writing Resources

The Two Most Important Resources for Passive Income
When it comes to the Internet Marketing to make residual income from your own blogs and websites, there are two resources that are invaluable.

The Keyword Academy
The Keyword Academy is the single best resource for making long term passive income online and I think every beginner should start and stop here. You can take the first month for free, which offers full access to all the training videos, step by step e-book, forums, and amazing tools to do keyword research and get backlinks. After that it's $33 a month, and that's really a steal because I wouldn't hesitate to pay $100 a month for what they offer. It's the only membership site you'll ever need.

Host Gator Website Hosting
I only use Host Gator for all my hosting sites, it costs $12 a month for unlimited hosting and I automatically get a backup server: highly recommend!

Helpful freelance writing blogs and/or blogs on SEO, Internet Marketing, etc.

Josh's Make Money Online Internet Marketing Blog

Nicholas Sparks' Advice for Writers Blog - particularly useful for would be fiction novelists

Absolute Write - a great resource for beginning writers

My Original Helping Freelance Writers website. On one page, it packs together a lot of information for the scanning and absorb types. This blog has a lot more info, but you do have to look for it.

Sign Up Links

Associated Content Sign Up

Constant Content Sign Up

InfoBarrel Sign Up

Hubpages Tour & Sign Up

Squidoo Sign Up

Website Reviews

Associated Content Review

Constant-Content Review (Part I)

Constant-Content Review (Part II)

Demand Studios Review - The Demand Studios writing program is no longer open to general writers - making this review obsolete

Elance Review (Coming Soon)

Guru.com Review

Helium.com Review

Hubpages Review (Coming Soon)

Squidoo Review (Coming Soon)

Articles and other Similar Resources

An early article I wrote on Elance vs. Guru, the pros and cons of both of these freelance writing auction websites.

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