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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Freelance Writers: Constant Content Update

Online freelance writers, enjoy! Those of you who have read this blog before know that I'm a fan of Constant Content, and an unexpected payment from PayPal at the beginning of the year (I was something like 17 cents short of the old $50 threshold) helped usher in the surprise new change for 2009 and beyond: the old threshold has been cut way down from $50 for payment to $5, making it very easy to cash out on a monthly basis.

I think this is a fantastic change, and one that was probably overdue. This makes it much easier to encourage new writers, and maybe receiving some PayPal payments will be just the kind of encouragment that some beginning writers need to keep with it. I can only think that this will make Constant Content's referral program even better, as referred writers are going to write more, thus earning more for themselves and the people who refer them.

I enjoy Constant Content as a place where I can set reasonable prices for my writing, and I can write about what interests me and what I enjoy. I think with a lower and more reasonable pay out threshold, this will only encourage more quality writing and thus attract more buyers willing to pay good money for individual articles.

So $5 instead of $50. Great deal for online freelance writers, and a great beginning to a happy new year.

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