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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Freelance Content Writing: The World of Online Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing: Writing Content

The easiest way for beginning writers to break into the freelance writing business is to get online and look at freelance content writing. There are thousands of new web pages being made every day, and all those websites need content. The millions of websites already online also need content, and the millions of blogs out there need content. Not everyone is going to write their own, and that's where becoming an online freelance writer offers opportunity for either a secondary income, or even a full time living.

Freelance content writing is always going to be in demand. While many people look at writing forums for writers or put an ad out on Craig's List, I strongly recommend either Guru.com or Elance.com. These are auction based freelance writing websites where employers can post projects for free, while writers pay for a monthly, quarterly, or even an annual subscription. While there are hundreds of different types of writing jobs available, the largest demand BY FAR will be for content writing.

Some employers will try to be insane misers. Don't take a job of 90 articles for $1 an article. Don't bring the market down to that level, and don't waste that much time for peanuts. If you're building a reputation for the very first time, you might need to look at some 10 or 15 article jobs (assuming articles are 3-500 words each) for about $5 each just to get some feedback on the site and boost your profile. Once you have experience, $13-$17 for a 400 word article is not only plausible, but many times I've found enough work to start turning down for anything less than $15 an hour – and still had 70 hour weeks at that rate.

Elance and Guru take care of the difficult task of finding employers who need writing and who need freelance writing content specifically. Once on these sites you will need to take a few months to build up your reputation and profile, and once you do that getting work writing content will not only easier, but you will get paid a lot more for it.

Being a freelance content writer isn't an impossible niche to break into: if you're a decent writer, stubborn, and are willing to work to build your career, then you can actually do very well. In fact, there are content writers on both Elance and Guru who make full time livings off of those websites alone. Some make very good livings.

So if you're looking to break into freelance writing online, take a look at these auction sites and getting started as a freelance content writer. There is always room in this field for more writers, and it is a place where you can make a full time living as a freelance writer.

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