"Master Dayton" might be humorous, (I mean if Ph.Ds are called "Doctors," shouldn't MFAs be called "Masters?") but in all seriousness I have made a living freelance writing and after several years I have tons of information I want to share to help out my fellow writers, regardless of age, experience, goals, situation, or background. This blog isn't pretty-but it will help if real freelance writing information is what you want.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freelance Writing Advice: Writing & Staying the Course

Freelance Writers Write

This will be a relatively brief post until I get back into full swing in May. I think the single hardest part of getting started as a freelance writer is actually having the courage to get started. I was fully prepared to make a living as a freelance writer a full couple years before I actually did - but I read and read and read and studied and heed and hawed, and waited. This was out of fear. What if I failed? What if I succeeded and it still wasn't enough? There was no way to fail or ever know about the drawbacks if I didn't jump in and try.

And in fact, I never did try until life (and a car) crashed so hard that I had no other choice. I started on a tower system that had main components from three different computer systems, a partially burned out mother board, and a CD Rom drive held in by folded cardboard and bubble wrap. It was a miracle this thing turned on, but with that computer and a dial up Internet, I started the first tenuous steps of my freelance writing career.

The hardest part of any endeavor is always getting started. If you read a lot about making money online, you'll see the same thing there as I'm saying here. You can't be a freelance writer if you don't write. You can't make money if you don't work. And researching doesn't count. Work means doing something that produces results. If you want to be a freelance writer, go ahead and read all these posts - I try to include solid information that will get you moving, but above all else, GET STARTED!

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